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Boston Beats welcomes businesses of all types to post ads on our pages.  We especially encourage music-related businesses (including bands and venues) to consider advertising with us to take advantage of the particular interests of our visitorship.  Visitors to Boston Beats are looking for good music and places to see good music.  If thatís what you offer, make sure they find you when they search.


Contact Our Advertising Department

For more information about advertising, see below for answers to some frequently asked questions.  For answers to other questions, and to place an ad with Boston Beats, please contact our Advertising Department at:




           Advertising Department

           Boston Beats Plaza

           195 Tower St.

           Dedham, MA  02026


(781) 381-2856



Useful Info for Advertisers



Ads are located on the right side of the page in the vertical Ad Bar. 



All Ads will be supplied as a GIF, named with the prefix ďad,Ē the name of the business, and the number of the ad that is being sent.  For example, the second ad sent by Bobís Paint Store would be named:  Ad_BobsPaintStore_02.gif



Ads are available on a per month basis, and are placed on all sub pages within that section of the site.  For example, ads placed in the Interviews section will appear on the main interview page and on all other interview pages.  See chart below for pricing information. 


To purchase space on Boston Beats, please review our Ad Purchasing page.







Three Quarter



Main* $30  






Articles $25   $50   $75   $100  
Interviews $25   $50   $75   $100  
Artists $20   $40   $60   $80  
Venues $20   $40   $60   $80  
Forum $20   $40   $60   $80  
Event $20   $40   $60   $80  
Radio $20   $40   $60   $80  
Links $20   $40   $60   $80  
*Main includes Main Page plus Merchandise, Advertise With Us, Legal Information, Contact Us, and About Us  


Available sizes are as follows (see below for samples):


Quarter                         (120 pixels tall by 120 pixels wide)

Half                               (260 pixels tall by 120 pixels wide)

Three Quarter               (400 pixels tall by 120 pixels wide)

 Full                               (540 pixels tall by 120 pixels wide)


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