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About Boston Beats


“The greatest music ever made always seems to come from Boston.”

-William Jefferson Shakespeare



We live in a great city, rich not only in history but also in creative accomplishment.  Nowhere is this more true than in music. And while there are countless great artists that have come from Boston and gone on to great success, there are countless more just starting out, just as talented and just around the corner.  The question is how to find them.



Our Goal

Boston Beats aims to provide the information people need to learn about and see good music playing in and around Boston.  Most people would see more music and do more fun things if it was easier to find out what the options were.  It’s the 21st century, and it shouldn’t be that hard.  So here’s what you’ve been looking for:  artist listings, interviews, venues, events, streaming local music and more.  Everything you need to find out what’s happening in Boston, and everything you need to figure out what you want to do with your night.  This is what you’ve been looking for.  This is Boston Beats.



How to Use this Site

There are several things you should check out while you’re here.  If there’s something you think we need that you don’t see, let us know.  For now, check out these fine offerings:


Articles:  Boston Beats offers CD Reviews, Gear Reviews, press releases on new music products, Live Reviews, Music News and Articles about what’s happening in the local music scene and across the country. 


Interviews:  It’s always interesting to talk to someone about their craft, whatever that craft may be, and especially if it’s music.  Our interviews are designed to give readers a sense of the artist’s experience as a musician:  writing songs, recording, and playing out in and around Boston.  Readers get the musician’s perspective on the Boston music scene.


Artists:  We are constantly gathering information about the artists currently active in the Boston area.  If you want to learn more about them, click on the Artists page to find the current website of many local artists.  The list can be sorted by Band or Solo Artist, or by Genre.  And to further help visitors find the great new music they’re looking for, the Artist page also features music samples of many artists.  Look for the speaker symbol next to the artist’s name:    Be sure to check back frequently, as new samples are added often.


Venues:  We’ve listed every music venue in the greater Boston area, and sorted them by city, region and T-line access.  If you know you want to go out in Cambridge but don’t know all the places to see music there, just click on “Cambridge” on the Venues page and check out the listings.  There you’ll find the addresses and phone numbers of all the clubs in the area, with links to maps and available venue websites.  You can even click on the printable version and take it with you.  If you live on the Red Line and are looking for places to see good music that you don’t have to drive to see, just click on the “Red Line” tab.  We’ll even tell you the stop.


Forum:  Many of the answers people are seeking about good music in Boston can only come from one another.   The Forum page provides a place for visitors to post thoughts, questions and answers about the Boston music scene. 


Events:  Boston Beats also gathers information on what’s happening in and around Boston, so check out the Events page to see what’s going on.  Want to know the weather?  You can get tonight’s weather or make plans for the future with the ten-day forecast provided by The Weather Channel on our Weather page.


Boston Beats Radio:  The best way to find out what’s going on in the Boston music scene is to hear it for yourself.  With Boston Beats Radio, you don’t have to wait until Friday night.  We’ve put together a mix of some of the best local music, which you can hear any time night or day with the click of a button.  Check out the Radio page for details.


Wait, there’s more!   Boston Beats also offers a Merchandise page where you purchase all your favorite Boston Beats attire, and a Links page to take you to some of our staff’s favorite links on the web.  And soon, Boston Beats will be available from your web-enabled cell phone or PDA.


(Note to reader:  items below this line have not been fact-checked, because very few items

below this line are facts.  Don’t let that stop you though, it still a good read...)


Coming soon: 

  • GPS Tracking

  • Online Tax Service

  • Home Grocery Delivery

  • Recipes

  • Dating Service

  • Dental Care

  • Home Heating Repair

  • Private Investigation

  • Streaming Online Foot Massage

  • The “I’m Just Guessing” Psychic Hotline

  • Full Cavity Search (with Dinner)

  • Dirty Deeds D.D.C. (call for details)




History of Boston Beats

Boston Beats was started in February 1964 as a joint project between NASA, Los Alamos National Laboratories and the now defunct Superfriends Justice League.  The goal was to undermine the Communist threat of the Soviet Union with western cultural influences, specifically the Beatles, Motown greats like Marvin Gaye and the Four Tops, and Country greats like Ferlin Husky, Red Sovine, Del Reeves, and Stonewall Jackson. 


Between the time of its inception and its eventual success in November of 1989, Boston Beats proved to be an unparalleled launching point for many of today’s most recognizable technological successes, including manned space flight, the computer mouse, permanent-press fabric and acrylic paint.


Since going public in spring of 1991, Boston Beats has grown to a readership of over 57 million people across 182 countries, and is published in over 60 different languages.  Now people as far as the Malay Peninsula can find out with the click of a button who’ll be playing at T.T. the Bears next Saturday.  And you know what.  It’s a better world.





The Men Behind Boston Beats


Chad Ammidown

Director of Information Technology

Chief Operations Officer


Mr. Ammidown is one of the two Founders of Boston Beats.  Mr. Ammidown’s vision of a music site for “the tired, the hungry, the poor—you know, ‘losers,’” has defined the Company’s efforts since its beginning.  Tireless and talented, Mr. Ammidown is truly an entrepreneurial genius.  In a solicitation for subscription, Entrepreneurial Genius Magazine called him “Mr. Ammidown” in 1992.  Mr. Ammidown lives with his mom. 



Jeff Imbaro


Chief Financial Officer


Mr. Imbaro, the other of the two Founders of Boston Beats, brings his unparalleled experience in writing, editing, design, business management and sheer sense of right and wrong to bear every day in the pulsating engine of commerce that is Boston Beats.  Called “The Man To Know,” by a woman in a cafeteria in 1995, Mr. Imbaro has consistently proven his ability to get things done eventually.  While his involvement in the Company remains a front for his “dream of doing nothing,” Mr. Imbaro remains a vital force in a myriad of inchoate creative endeavors.  Mr. Imbaro owns a thesaurus.

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